PBS brake pads are put through a heat curing treatment in the manufacturing process. This process removes unwanted gasses from the materials in advance, reducing the gasses that can cause fade within the brake pad. Because of this treatment, PBS brake pads only need light bedding in to match the padding to the disc.

Brake pads should be bedded in until up to mid range working temperature then allowed to cool properly. This will also help to removes any gasses that are still within the pad. Not following this process may cause problems leading to a decrease in optimum performance.

With an operating temperature window of 0-800°C, this pad system will handle most serious breaking conditions. Great for racing or track day use with low dust and great brake disc life.

These are by far the best value brake pads on the market giving great consistency, longevity, and friction at both hot and cold temperatures.

Reviews compare them to a carbon Lorraine, CarboTech and performance friction pad without the price to match.