Honda Civic FK2 FK8 Front Performance Brake Pads 8017 14.7mm thick

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Performance Brake Solutions manufacture high performance brake pads for track and race use. Honda Civic 14.7mm thick Front Performance Brake Pads 8017 14.7T come in variants of ProRace and ProTrack. We have compounds suitable for Time Attack series, sprint, race, and rally applications, as well as track day users.

These pads are made by racing drivers for racing drivers, working at high temperature with excellent pedal feel, consistent braking with low dust and great rotor life. These are by the far the best bang for buck pads on the market giving great consistency, longevity and bite at both hot and cold temperatures.

Performance Brake Compounds 


The ProRace compound is a ceramic graphite material that has great initial bite, excellent control and feel with powerful stopping power 0.36 to 0.58mu this compound is used in many race series with great results including race wins and overall championships it is also the compound of choice for many track day users.

Working temp 0-800c


The ProTrack compound is also ceramic metallic material that has milder initial bite than the ProRace compound the with excellent control and feel with powerful stopping power 0.40 to 0.48mu this compound is designed for light occasional track use or wet conditions and for race series that have to use a low grip Tyre with less noise and dust

Working temp 0-700c

Title: Elevate Your Honda Civic FK2 and FK8's Performance with PBS Brakes: Unmatched Stopping Power for Enthusiasts

The Honda Civic FK2 and FK8 models stand as benchmarks of high-performance driving, embodying precision engineering and exhilarating performance. Whether you're pushing the limits on the track or navigating city streets with enthusiasm, optimizing your FK2 or FK8's braking system is essential for a truly dynamic driving experience. PBS Brakes offers a range of high-performance brake pads designed to elevate the stopping power of both models, ensuring precise control and confidence in every braking maneuver.

Performance Brake Pads: The Key to Maximum Stopping Power
Brake pads are integral to a vehicle's braking system, converting kinetic energy into thermal energy through friction. While factory-installed brake pads meet basic driving requirements, performance brake pads take braking performance to the next level. Engineered with advanced materials and formulations, performance pads offer superior bite, fade resistance, and consistency under demanding driving conditions.

PBS Brakes: Setting the Standard for Performance
PBS Brakes has earned a reputation as a leading manufacturer of high-performance brake pads, known for their commitment to quality, innovation, and performance. With a focus on delivering unmatched stopping power and reliability, PBS Brake pads are the ideal choice for FK2 and FK8 owners seeking optimal braking performance without compromise.

Key Benefits of PBS Brake Pads for the FK2 and FK8:
1. Enhanced Stopping Power: PBS Brake pads deliver exceptional bite and friction characteristics, allowing for shorter stopping distances and precise control in any driving scenario.
2. Fade Resistance: Engineered to withstand high temperatures, PBS Brake pads maintain consistent performance even during aggressive driving or track use, reducing the risk of brake fade and ensuring confidence-inspiring braking performance.
3. Durability and Longevity: Constructed from high-quality materials, PBS Brake pads offer exceptional durability, extending the lifespan of your FK2 or FK8's braking system and reducing maintenance requirements.
4. Compatibility and Fitment: PBS offers a range of brake pad options specifically designed for the FK2 and FK8 models, ensuring seamless compatibility and optimal fitment without the need for modifications.

Installation and Maintenance:
Installing PBS Brake pads on your Honda Civic FK2 or FK8 is a straightforward process, typically requiring basic tools and mechanical knowledge. For optimal results and peace of mind, it's recommended to have the pads installed by a qualified technician familiar with the FK2 or FK8's braking system.

Routine inspection and maintenance of the braking system are essential to ensure optimal performance and safety. Monitoring brake pad wear and adhering to manufacturer-recommended service intervals will help preserve the integrity of your FK2 or FK8's braking system, ensuring reliable performance mile after mile.

Elevate your driving experience with PBS Brakes and unleash the full potential of your Honda Civic FK2 or FK8. With unmatched stopping power, fade resistance, and reliability, PBS Brake pads are the perfect choice for enthusiasts seeking precision control and confidence on the road or the track. Upgrade your FK2 or FK8's braking system with PBS Brakes and experience the thrill of enhanced performance with every press of the pedal.

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