NEW for 2023 - TTCR
The UK's only one-make Audi racing series dedicated to the sporty TT coupe.
Devised by well-known roll cage manufacturer and experienced race series developer SW Motorsports, the stunning looking Audi TT Cup Racing cars are based around front wheel drive 2.0 TFSI versions of the popular German coupe. Tuned to around 250bhp at the wheels, the cars can be manual gearbox or DSG models, and equality of performance is managed by a strictly controlled list of eligible parts which are supplied by SW Motorsports or their partners. Please click on the Tech Documents tab below to view the detailed spec and costs.
The Audi TT Cup Racing series has been designed to offer drivers top levels of performance and awesome race car looks, as well as maximum value for money. All cars are equal in terms of performance and handling, meaning getting the best out of them will be down to driving talent and racing skills.
Whether you choose a manual or DSG gearbox version, the cars are fast, entertaining and great handling race machines. The 2.0 TFSI VW/Audi engines are well proven in racing, and the kit of carefully chosen control parts ensures reliability and the lowest possible running costs.
Further information on plans for the 2023 Audi TT Cup Racing Season will be revealed in due course.
TTCR Controlled Parts Kit £7,999 Including Vat. – Includes FREE FITTING ON THE ROLLCAGE AT SW MOTORSPORTS
  • Rollcage (ROPS) – TTCR Multi Point Manufactured by SW Motorsports
  • Suspension – BC Racing Inverted Coilovers
  • Spring Kit – BC Racing Controlled Spring Kit
  • Adjustable Top Mounts
  • Adjustable Drop Links
  • Air Induction System – TTCR Specification Manufactured by Direnza
  • Exhaust System – TTCR Specification Manufactured by Direnza
  • Catalytic Converter – TTCR Race Specification
  • Limited Slip Differential – Including Bearings & Seal Kit
  • Suspension Bushes – Powerflex Black Series Bush Kit
  • ECU – TTCR Specification Controlled ECU (250bhp)
  • Rear Spoiler Kit – TTCR Specification Manufactured by SW Motorsports
  • Front Splitter – TTCR Specification Manufactured by SW Motorsports
  • Battery Isolator – Cartek Electronics
  • FIA Rain Light – Cartek Electronics
  • FIA Rain Light Mounting Bracket
  • Race Battery – Varley Red Top 25 V13
  • Race Battery Terminal Cones
  • Race Battery Mounting Bracket
  • Race Wheels – 2Forge ZF1 Lightweight Alloy Wheels (x4)
  • Drivers Floor Plate
  • Dash Switch Panel
  • Door Cards (x2)
  • Throttle Bracket
  • Seat Base
  • Seat Side Mounts
  • TRS Heavy Duty Tow Cables x4
  • Tow Cable Bracket Kit
Engine Code: B Code engines only – Year 2006 – 2010
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