Introducing PBS Brakes ProRace Brake Pad Compound – the pinnacle of braking excellence for motorsports enthusiasts and professional racers. Engineered with precision and crafted from an advanced ceramic graphite material, the ProRace compound guarantees an extraordinary combination of stellar initial bite, superior control, and an unparalleled feel, all while delivering commanding stopping power with a coefficient of friction ranging from 0.36 to 0.58mu.

Widely recognized and trusted in numerous race series, PBS Brakes ProRace has consistently secured victories and overall championships, making it the preferred choice for champions and podium finishers alike. Its proven track record speaks volumes, showcasing the exceptional performance and reliability that drivers demand in high-stakes racing environments.

The ProRace compound's unique formulation ensures a wide operating temperature range, from 0 to 800 degrees Celsius, making it versatile for various racing conditions. Whether you're pushing the limits on the track or participating in spirited track day sessions, PBS Brakes ProRace excels in maintaining peak performance across a spectrum of temperatures, ensuring consistent and confident braking.

Beyond its competitive edge, PBS Brakes ProRace is embraced by track day enthusiasts who seek the perfect balance between precision and power. Its ability to deliver exceptional bite, coupled with excellent modulation and feel, elevates the driving experience to new heights, instilling confidence and control in every manoeuvre.

Upgrade to PBS Brakes ProRace Brake Pad Compound and experience the epitome of braking innovation. Unleash the power, control, and reliability that champions demand, and make PBS Brakes ProRace your ultimate choice for conquering the track with unmatched performance.

Working temp 0-800c