Introducing PBS Brakes ProTrack Brake Pad Compound – a meticulous blend of ceramic metallic materials designed to redefine your track experience. Tailored to provide a nuanced balance, the ProTrack compound offers a controlled and responsive performance with a milder initial bite compared to its ProRace counterpart. Yet, it maintains exceptional control, feel, and boasts formidable stopping power with a coefficient of friction ranging from 0.40 to 0.48mu.

Designed with versatility in mind, the ProTrack compound is perfect for light, occasional track use or wet conditions, making it a reliable choice for drivers seeking confidence in diverse racing scenarios. It truly shines in race series that necessitate the use of low grip tires, delivering optimal performance while minimizing noise and dust production – a crucial factor for both competitive racers and track day enthusiasts.

PBS Brakes ProTrack is engineered to perform seamlessly within a working temperature range of 0 to 700 degrees Celsius, ensuring consistent and reliable braking even in demanding conditions. Whether you're navigating wet tracks or making occasional track appearances, ProTrack excels in delivering reliable stopping power and exceptional modulation.

Experience the best of both worlds with PBS Brakes ProTrack Brake Pad Compound – where controlled precision meets powerful stopping performance. Elevate your track sessions with a compound designed for adaptability, responsiveness, and a reduced environmental impact. Choose ProTrack for a braking solution that delivers confidence, reliability, and performance, tailored for both the occasional track enthusiast and dedicated racers alike.

Working temp 0-700c